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Sonic's end

May 2nd, 2013, 2:08 pm

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Author's Comments:

Reply Advertisement, May 2nd, 2013, 2:08 pm

sonic adventure 3 will like, save the franchise.

because like the other sonic adventures were like, the best games ever because they like, had dark tones that don't really fit sonic and like, had shadow and stuff

and they should like, remake sonic 06 without the glitches and stuff because it literally had no other problems than that except for everything.

Reply Advertisement, August 23rd, 2019, 9:16 pm

User's Comments:

Reply NonBackgrounder, May 2nd, 2013, 2:25 pm

Well if it aint' my old bud advertisement B|

Reply Advertisement, May 2nd, 2013, 2:33 pm


Reply King_Rover, May 2nd, 2013, 4:17 pm

Sonic 06 had a bitchin' Soundtrack

Too bad it was unstable rushed and wasted Sonic Adventure 3.

Reply supersonic1009, May 3rd, 2013, 2:06 pm

For games with dialogue, you can't go all the way with having a little darkness and sadness in backstory.

But then SEGA overdid it and made Shadow The Hedgehog and SatBK.

Sonic '06 had something with Mephiles and Silver. No not Blaze, Blaze is for Sonic Rush.

Reply Zocky, May 4th, 2013, 12:22 am

I wish SEGA left Shadow dead at the end of SA2 like they planned. Now they gotta keep saying he's a robot, or he's a clone, or whatever they can keep pulling out of their ass to retcon his obvious death at the end of SA2. While at the same time progressively making him an even worse character in every Sonic game that features him.

Oh, yeah, 12 year old spoiler warning SHADOW DIES AT THE END OF SA2. And SEGA keeps thinking up absurd retcons to keep his terrible character alive. Because everyone just can't get enough of him for whatever reason. I think maybe SEGA's original plan was to make him as unpopular as possible so they can get away with killing him off, but it backfired horribly. And now he's more popular then he ever was before. So they're stuck with him.

Also I like this comic. Keep it up.

Reply NonBackgrounder, May 4th, 2013, 9:57 am

@Advertisement: you dick, you dont remember me .

Reply Advertisement, May 4th, 2013, 1:52 pm

Oh course I do! You're that person who did that thing when everyone was like...ummm.

Reply NonBackgrounder, May 5th, 2013, 9:35 pm

@Advertisement: Well, shit .

Reply SonicAwesomeGuy, May 8th, 2013, 8:50 pm

oh jeez, another guy who follows others opinions but hating teh sonic gaem that everyone hates, omg so original guyz, he's so leetz, so awesome. AND OH GEEZ HE HATES SA1 for having a "dark" story and hates SA2 for having a "dark" story as well. Even though if anything those "dark" stories actually added some variety WHICH IS GOOD

seriously, i'm tired of these people who just hate every modern sonic game and then act like heavily flawed games like Sonic 3 are the best. and how the hell is Mario better than Sonic? SMG and SMG2 are litearly THE SAME GAME! At least with Sonic Adventure 1 and 2 they updated! At least with Sonic 4 Ep 1 and 2 they innovated! And I don't get it, why make a comic about how much you hate Sonic? We get it, your typical sonic fan number five thousand six hundred sixty nine. we get it, you join the bandwagon and hate all the modern games because it's cool. we get it, you think Sonic 3 is the best game ever even though it's just like Sonic 2 with OMG POWERUPS AND KNUCKLES!!

man, if there's no type of gamer i can't stand it's the type of gamer that bitches about a game he supposdely hates but yet gives that game he hates more attention than games he LIKES! well that is if you like any because you seem like a very negative person

and you do know every fanbase has its bad people right? there is no 'worse' fanbase because every fanbase is the same, you have the people like YOU who bitch over games that are "bad" and then force your opinion down others throats as if it were a fact, then you have the people like SH.NET who are just socially awkward, then you have the people like me who sees the good sides of video games and doesn't hate a game just because everyone else does.

Reply Pie God, May 9th, 2013, 5:45 am

Every game is bad, there is no such thing as a good game. Fun is a buzzword used to make a game look good without actually explaining why it's good and all that.

Reply Zocky, May 9th, 2013, 6:13 am

You feel better now? You get all that out of your system? Good. Now let us continue to enjoy this comic.

Reply Advertisement, May 10th, 2013, 7:18 pm


First of all, I'm not "following" any opinions. Its simply what I think; I couldn't give any less of a shit what anyone else thinks. Enjoy the fucking game? OK!

Second, Sonic is a game about a silly looking cartoon animal who runs around beating up a silly fat man who knows a thing or two about robots. Not the best suited for stories that have government conspiracies, child murder and emo people.

THIRD, I'm not allowed to dislike one thing and praise another thing at the same time? What the fuck kind of fucked up logic is that? Again, its my god damn opinion and I will stand by it unless you convince me Sonic Adventure 2 is the best game ever, heals the sick and is actually the second coming of Jesus.

Mario is objectively better than Sonic in almost every conceivable way, other than games of course; then thats where it gets subjective. For a third fucking time, opinions.

I don't care if SA1 and SA2 "updated", SA1 is still shit by today's standards and SA2 is just plain shit no matter what. Same with Sonic 4, they innovated between episodes, but it had no excuse not to be good, and the so called improvements were few and far between.

Fourth, Sonic 3 is not Sonic 2 just with Power ups, you fucking ignoramus. Only people who have never played the fucking game (Or people who are just plain stupid) would say that. I could easily say the same shit about any game and its sequel that plays similarly. Games that are complete and utter rehashes like the NSMB games are exceptions though.

Fifth, I'm not allowed to poke fun at aspects of things I like? Why would I go out of my way to make fun of a series I hate? Makes no sense.

And sixth, me "forcing my opinion down your throat" is part of the joke, retard. I can't believe I actually had to fucking explain it to you.

Reply supersonic1009, May 10th, 2013, 10:19 pm

@Zocky: You hit the nail on the head. Shadow was like 10x better in SA2 then any other time.

Reply Koffing, May 10th, 2013, 10:31 pm


B-but if Shadow was dead, who would be the inspiration for all the magnificent porn?!

Reply Slyfer, May 11th, 2013, 10:33 am

Since when was death an obstacle?

Reply nyancat6650, May 11th, 2013, 3:55 pm

@SonicAwesomeGuy: do i seriously have to give a fuck about your opinion
i mean there are some opinions like advertisement's that people actually want to listen to

Reply nyancat6650, May 11th, 2013, 4:15 pm

@Koffing: all that porn is non canon cuz shadow a rrroobot he cannot hav a penus

Reply Icnos, May 18th, 2013, 5:57 pm

Facial expressions need work but other then that, can't wait to read more!

Reply Zocky, May 19th, 2013, 11:01 pm

@Wolfry: But exactly how awesome he is varies greatly from game to game.

Reply Pie God, May 20th, 2013, 5:53 pm

I can cherry pick too, you know~

Super Mario: The games are all unique and original in their execution while not trying too hard to add too many confusing characters by keeping a major rival throughout the games, but adding several gimmicks throughout the gameplay and plot that keep the series fun, from traveling through space, traveling through time, a watergun jetpack, or even just playing simple sports without losing their charm.

Sanic: Every single game, Sonic and his Fur Brigade find Eggman doing something bad, gather the portable plot device emeralds, transform into golden things, then punch him until he explodes. Ever since Sonic Adventure, the only thing added is "After which you fight some random entity that Eggman brought up or revived in the first place", with the only games lacking this are a few of the side games, and a single game not featuring Sonic.

Reply Zocky, May 20th, 2013, 9:43 pm

I love how everyone keeps talking about Mario on a Sonic comic. :)

Reply Pie God, May 21st, 2013, 5:44 am

TECHNICALLY, it's a Death of Sonic comic, and since Sonic was bought out by Nintendo, Mario is a direct cause of it and is therefore 12,000% related~

Reply Zocky, May 21st, 2013, 5:31 pm

@Pie God: Since when were you allowed to make sense?

Reply supersonic1009, May 21st, 2013, 10:09 pm

@Advertisement: Hey wait a second I just realized something. Addie, where the fuck is some shit about Sonic X Elise? Damnit Addie you fucked up already. I TRUSTED YOU.

Reply Advertisement, May 25th, 2013, 7:25 pm


Oh boy, the premise in each Sonic game is different but in Mario its mostly the same. That means they are not similar in any regard! Preach my logic!

Reply Advertisement, May 25th, 2013, 7:27 pm


Mario is going to be in this comic. Most of it will just be patronizing him though.

Reply Zocky, May 26th, 2013, 6:00 pm

@Advertisement: Instead of telling what's gonna happen in later updates, I'd prefer it if you just updated this. :)

I'm running out of reasons to keep visiting SJ and this comic is one of the few.

Reply Advertisement, May 27th, 2013, 3:13 pm



Reply Zocky, May 29th, 2013, 12:39 am

@Advertisement: There you go telling me shit again. Bitch, what I just tell you?

But I am glad you're gonna update it eventually.

Reply SonicAwesomeGuy, July 12th, 2013, 2:32 am

ALL Mario games are unique and original? Wow, so what about Mario Kart 7, which DIRECTLY ripped off Diddy Kong Racing? You wanna know why we say Mario rehashes so much? Becuase it's true. Nintendo rehashes. They do it so much more than any other company and experiment so much less. EA and Activision may not try as many new IPs as they used to, but they still put in some effort. Even SEGA on its current diet has tried more new things than Nintendo has (also, SEGA doesn't rehash so much as just port their classics to every system, which is different from dressing up an old game in new clothes and charging $50+ for it)! Nintendo? Besides Wii Sports, Wii Music, and Wii Fit, I can't think of anything new they tried on the Wii. Meanwhile, they released over 30 Mario games for it. Over 5 Mario games each year, which comes down to one every couple months! That's ridiculous. "Oh, but they're spinoffs, so it's okay!" Modern Warfare is a spinoff. Black Ops is a spinoff. Does that mean Activision doesn't release too many of them? They might seem the same to you, but Super Princess Peach, Wario's Wii platformer, Kirby Yarn, DKC, etc. feel the same to someone who doesn't play platformers. In conclusion, Nintendo deserves its reputation as a Mario rehashing machine, and it only has itself to blame for the Wii U's failure. Unlike SEGA, which always tried new things, Nintendo admitted it's too afraid to deviate from the status quo even though that would help the Wii U so much more than another Mario game. You think Halo, Sonic, Call of Duty, etc. started off popular, Nintendo? Your complacency will kill your company, Iwata. You should be fired. And New Super Mario World isn't getting any better. It's a 4 player game with NO ON-FUCKING-LINE in the year 2013, and it's basicly just Super Mario 3D Land with A CAT SUIT!!!! (That Reggie guy even said HIMSELF that the "innovation here is the catsuit), like WTF? You're using your bias against Sonic to say that EVERY Mario game is original, please don't be blinded. Think with an open mind here. Not even that, but the logic of Mario makes no sense. Why the hell does she have the Toads there, (who are supposed to protect her), and they don't do shit but WATCH her get kidnapped.

5. Super Mario Galaxy 2
While fun to play it felt hollow and I disliked the layout
4. Super Mario 64
Overrated because of people nostalgia
3. Mario Kart (all of them)
Repetitive and quickly become only good for occasional play, come make more tracks Nintendo
2. Super Paper Mario
That game was garbage
1. Super Mario 3D land
Level skipping made it too easy, it lacked a hub, the bosses were uninspired and repetitive, it was short, and it all felt like a tech demo.

But yeah, Sonic isn't the most perfect franchise in the world. But Mario? Great? Please. We get it. You hate Sonic. But calling Mario good due to your hate for Sonic is stupid. I thought we stopped comparing Sonic to Mario back in 2002.

Reply Thetruth (Guest), November 2nd, 2017, 8:44 pm

@SonicAwesomeGuy: butthurt

Reply Drago IV, July 12th, 2013, 2:45 pm

@SonicAwesomeGuy: tl;dr

Reply Spar Elric, July 14th, 2013, 6:26 am

@SonicAwesomeGuy: Why do you think that Super Paper Mario is garbage?

I love it personally, but I'd like to know what you didn't like specifically about the game. You gave no details.

Reply hitkid96fan, October 11th, 2013, 11:40 pm

@SonicAwesomeGuy: Why would you compare the latest Mario Kart game to a further back Diddy Kong Racing? also the games you mentioned... hope you played them.

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